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Low Voltage & Structured Cabling

Las Vegas Low Voltage & Structured Cabling

Cabling is the wiring infrastructure that runs your office, provides your data, telecommunication, security, and many other functions. Cabling has become a major asset in the modern world which puts small and medium sized businesses in a position to outsource their structured cabling needs to an expert technicians. Call us today to discuss what wiring is best. We specialize in CAT cabling & Fiber Optic cabling. Call us today at (702) 712-4221 to come up with your cabling strategy.

What Is CAT Cabling?

“CAT” Cabling is an abbreviation for category cables. CAT cables allow computers to connect certain devices such as servers, switches, computers, modems, and routers. With everything in place above, these cables can also be referred to as a network. 

  • CAT5e is the oldest cable category. They tend to be the least expensive. This is the lowest speed you would consider for your office in today's IT world.
  • CAT6 cables offers the support of a 10 Gb network. They provide a great processing speed and less interruption.
  • CAT6a is an augmented version of the first generation CAT6. They are exponentially faster and ideal for most businesses

What Is Fiber Optic Cabling?

What is fiber optic cabling? Fiber Optic Cabling is a cabling method used most often as a way to transmit light.

  • Fiber optic cabling are less bulky, lighter, and way more flexible then traditional wiring.
  • Fiber optic cabling can carry more data.
  • Fiber Optics Communications can permit transmission over longer distances and are great for communications

Las Vegas Cabling Clean Up

  • You need to make sure you clean well to keep your network up and running smoothly. Airflow will most certainly cause network downtime.
  • Keeping the cables tidy and organized is critical to troubleshooting and leads to great office network management. In the event of an emergency, will you be able to quickly find and fix the problem?

Whatever your office and network needs may be, here at ICU Computer Solutions we’ll  connect your office network to the speeds and connections you’ve always wished to have.

Receive a Consultation For CAT & Fiber Optic Cabling
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