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Cyber Security & Managed IT

Managed IT Services

  • Businesses are using IT management to save thousands of dollars. IT management can be time consuming and can quickly become a risk if not done with expertise. There are several different types of managed IT services.
  • At ICU Computer Solutions we work together as a team to put in place an extensive solution to your IT needs that will turn IT from a liability to your companies largest asset.
  • During the Global Pandemic, it was IT management services that expedited the conversion of office employees over to home offices.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an essential part of keeping your network safe. It is the companies obligation to ensure their client's data is completely secure.

  • Every office requires cyber security, but most small and medium business find it more cost effective to outsource.
  • By outsourcing small to midsize businesses can have cyber security as protected as a large corporation (around-the-clock security).
  • ICU solutions has some of the most protected cyber security strategies in Las Vegas.
  • We initiate security checkpoints, and security-related issues.
  • We provide ongoing support as well security awareness training.
  • We provide risk audits and management
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